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Business 360° for Enterprises

360° for Business offers companies and organizations the possibility to manage their information assets in a structured, efficient and secure manner, ultimately increasing productivity and streamlining your company’s workflows.

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Why choose Business 360°?

With Business 360°, companies will gain an indispensible tool to meet their information management needs easily and securely.

Flexible features, tailored to your needs

360° ships with a large variety of powerful features. All can be customized to the way your company operates, giving you full flexibility over organizational processes and information management configurations.

“With Business 360, we increase the knowledge level at our company. We gain a better overview, work more effectively and save time.”

Guðrun Olsen, Head of Department – Bakkafrost

One solution for many inustries

From financial organisations to production companies and retailers, 360° supports a multitude of industries, equipping them with the means to supercharge their information management structures and make knowledge a valuable resource.

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