Is your factory using slow and outdated production equipment?

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With several decades of experience serving the needs of the fishing industry in the Faroe Islands, Formula provides fish processors with equipment and integrated solutions for use in every stage of fish processing.

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Why choose Marel Equipment?

As the leading production manufacturer of factory equipment in the world, Marel offers a wide range of flexible solutions covering your entire processing cycle.

Processing equipment for every fish in the sea

No matter what type of fish your company is selling, Marel offers just the right equipment for your production needs.

“An average of 70 fillets pass through the new system each minute, and throughput has jumped by up to 20%.”

Gunnar Adalbjörnsson – Production Manager at Samherji, Iceland

A strong parter on your side

As an experienced provider for fish processing solutions on the Faroe Islands, we are with you every step of the way – from start to delivery and beyond. We are making sure that the solution is tailored to your needs and running smoothly, as well as provide you with all the training and support that you need.

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