Support for charitable organizations

We at Formula would like to provide a helping hand to people, companies and organizations in need.

Apply for financial support

Support will be granted to organizations, groups and individuals, that work for or promote events that are considered charitable.

Why do we grant support?

As our available support funds are limited, we are not able to grant support to all applications that are eligible. We will therefore provide support to those that we feel closest.

Why don’t we support everytime?

Support to people in need will be provided if it can be considered charitable, meaning that all for-profit work will be rejected. As a main rule, we do not grant support to CD-releases, book releases, including similar events, as well as school classes.

How do you ask for support?

If you wish support from Formula, you are asked to fill out the form below. Rather write a litte too much, then too little.

What happens next?

Once per quarter, we will process those applications that we received and give you an answer. Applications for events that are less than two weeks from the date of applying will not be considered.

Who gets support?

All who have taken the time to ask for support will get an answer. Should we say no once, feel free to ask again – one year later.