Results that make a difference

Formula is a Faroe Islands-based IT company offering software solutions, computer hardware and production equipment for a variety of different industries.

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Good reasons to choose Formula

Service, knowledge and optimal solutions – You should never settle for less.

360 degree service

Our solutions cover your entire company, saving you time and money in the long run

Local Knowledge

Over the last 20 years, we have acquired extensive knowledge in local industries and markets.

Customized solutions

Instead of off-the-shelf products, we tailor our solutions to your needs, to make sure they fit.

Strong competences for your organizational needs

Over years of working closely with industry partners, we have acquired knowledge and competences in many areas, offering a broad range of services and products that will make your company more productive.

Time Management

Improve productivity with better time management

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Calling & Switchboard

Handle customer calls more efficiently

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Human Resources

Optimize your staff management

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Management Insight

Base your business decisions on facts

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Finance & Accounting

Get control over your company's finances

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Wage Administration

Administrate salaries faster and easier

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Case Management

Gain control over your company's information

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Online Shop

Sell your products online

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IT Equipment

Build your company on robust IT systems

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Network & Intranet

Invest in a reliable network infrastructure

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Store your data securely in the cloud

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Production Equipment

Prioritize reliable production equipment

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Success stories that keep repeating

We understand that companies today face complex challenges that need to be addressed from a holistic perspectice for each individual client. This distinctive approach has led to outstanding success stories in different industries, as you can read below.

A long track record of satisfied customers

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