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Terms and Conditions for Sales and Services by Formula

The following general sales and service terms and conditions apply to all services provided by P/F Formula (hereinafter referred to as Formula), unless otherwise specified in a separate written agreement.

Specific purchasing conditions or special requirements stated by the buyer, e.g as outlined in the buyer’s standard purchasing terms, in orders or confirmation letters from the buyer, are not binding on Formula unless Formula has explicitly agreed to them in writing.

Formula provides solutions and makes changes/adaptations to the customer’s solutions in consultation with the customer’s needs and desires. The aim is to simplify, obtain more accurate data, and improve workflows. However, the customer is responsible for how these solutions work in operation. This means that the customer should verify whether interpretations and calculations are correct in relation to usage.

Sales Conditions:
Unless otherwise agreed, sales proceed with cash payment. In certain cases, and after consultation with Formula, it is possible to purchase on credit. Credit sales always have a payment term of 21 days.

All recurring invoices, settled on a monthly basis, where the amount is below kr. 5,000,- excl. VAT, shall be invoiced through an automatic payment agreement (e.g., direct debit agreement). If the automatic payment agreement is terminated, each invoice incurs a fee of kr. 350,- excl. VAT.

If a monthly recurring invoice remains unpaid, the agreement is terminated. Formula reserves the right to suspend services when payment is overdue. If the service is reinstated, it will be subject to a reinstatement fee.

Formula retains ownership of the goods until they are fully paid for.

If the customer has not objected before the due date, the invoice is considered accepted. Any complaints must be submitted before the due date.

All prices for goods and services from Formula are exclusive of VAT.

Formula does not vouch for third parties unless expressly agreed upon in advance.

Regarding travel, the customerpays for travel expenses . This applies both domestically and internationally.

Formula assists its customers in solving possible challenges and issues. It may happen that problems arise in systems and equipment provided by Formula, but these issues are caused by third-party components. If it is evident that problems are caused by third parties, and it has not been expressly guaranteed in advance that the third party will cover the resolution of the issue, Formula reserves the right to invoice for the time/resources and material used. If the equipment/solution is covered by a warranty from one of our suppliers, then repairs will be carried out in accordance with the conditions of the relevant supplier

Formula cannot be held responsible for losses that commonly occur due to the customer’s business operations, such as loss of revenue, indirect losses such as operational loss, loss of profits, etc.

When subcontractors are used, Formula is only liable to the extent that the supplier’s warranty applies.

Licensing Agreement:
Formula adheres to prevailing customs in ICT work regarding software licensing.

Upon purchase of a license, the buyer obtains permission to use a copy of the license for internal use. The license cannot be resold or transferred to others for use.

Formula also adheres to prevailing customs in ICT work, stating that Formula does not provide operational guarantees, guarantees for lost revenue or losses, information loss, or any other financial losses, either directly or indirectly, regardless of supervision.

Regarding the sale of third-party software, the conditions are subject to the supplier’s terms.

Regarding the use of any software, the customer is responsible for ensuring necessary licenses, whether for direct or indirect use (examples of indirect use include the use of the Microsoft SQL database).

Software Insurance:
Systems will be continuously maintained to function sensibly in the future, considering technical changes, which always come along with changes in legal frameworks.

Software insurance protects systems against changes in the system, such as Windows, SQL, etc. Systems are also regularly maintained and updated to make workflows and operations smoother, thus facilitating better progress in work.
As long as payment is made for software insurance, the insurance gives the customer the right to the latest version of the system. However, payment is required for the work/reccources to update it, and each update must be requested.

Software insurance in connection with the sale of third-party software is subject to the supplier’s terms.

The price for software insurance is always a percentage of the list price. Software insurance is calculated based on the full license value and is required in the first year. After that, it can be terminated by January 1 with a three-month notice.

The same notice period applies to rental licenses (Cloud licenses) as for software insurance, meaning they can be terminated by January 1 with a three-month notice.

Business Central:
The license/rental costs for solutions made by Formula will be adjusted by +2.5% at the beginning of each calendar year. The cost for updating Business Central, including Gold packages, will also be adjusted by +2.5% at the beginning of each calendar year.